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Design Your Body: Your Guide to Cutting Through the Fat

by Cailah Brock

"Design Your Body: Your Guide to Cutting Through the Fat by Coach Cailah Brock is a straightforward, take-no-prisoners approach to achieving health and wellness for real people with real lives and busy schedules....

The Joy of Graceful Aging: Mastering the Skill of Growing Old and Overcoming the Pains

by Obinna Akpata

Aging is an inevitable reality. It is often a gradual process in the last leg of our earthly life, and it is a transitory passage to the great beyond: eternal glory. It's one thing to grow old, but it's another...

Think Fast Act Faster: How to Generate Innovative Ideas and Make Them Happen


Do you constantly need to think about how to increase sales and profits for your business?

Do you need innovative solutions to improve your products, services, and business processes to transform your business?...

Prescription for Change

by Susan Kersley

This book is a catalyst for doctors to have the life they want. It promotes a healthy work life balance and is a practical easy to read guide with useful tips and advice for doctors to be less stressed and enjoy...

Connecting: How to Build Your Business, Sell Your Organization, Pitch Your Campaign or Jump-Start Your Love Life

by Jeff Johnson

We all have different reasons for wanting to connect with others. It might be to market our business or sell a product. It might be to run for political office or raise funds for an organization. Or it might...

The Family That Eats Together

by Frank Napoleon, Jr.

A collection of beloved Italian family recipes shown on their original recipe cards augmented with tips, tricks, and memories.

Bonsai Days, the Art of Living After Trauma

by Annie Bane

On any given day any one of us could awaken to an event that may change our lives forever. Experience this REALITY with those who created a new life from the trauma. DISABLED VETERANS: Discover a creativity...

Happy Go Lucky 2: Happy Dreams Come True

by Jimmy Chua

It is about this guy HAPPY who is from a humble background in SINGAPORE, having 4 kids and pretty wife! Went to AUSTRALIA to operate a CRUISE SERVICE and RESORT after striking LOTTERY (STORY in HAPPY GO LUCKY)!...

Preventing violence against women and girls: Educational work with children and young people

by Ellis, Jane & Thiara, Ravi K.

The first ever book on educational work to prevent violence against women and girls, offering insight into the underpinning theoretical debates and key lessons for practice.

Wrong Notions About the Heart

by Mark Noble

Grumpy old retired Prof of Medicine rails (with cartoons) against low salt and low fat diets, over-diagnosis of high blood pressure, inappropriate use of anti-coagulants, etc. For light relief, some unsolved...

Brightest of Silver Linings: Climbing Carstensz Pyramid In Papua At Age 65

by Carol Masheter

Few people have heard of Carstensz Pyramid, a sharp fin of limestone 16,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by mountainous jungle in Papua, a part of the world wracked by political and tribal violence, where...

The Dynamic Introvert: Leading Quietly with Passion and Purpose

by Lesley Taylor

'The Dynamic Introvert: Leading Quietly with Passion and Purpose' shows readers how to excel as quiet leaders and how to succeed in their careers. This expanded 2nd edition features,

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DISCfunctional® Relationships

by Steve Settimo & Cynthia Beale

This book assists people by enhancing work, family, friend, and dating relationships using a time tested tool. This quadrant personality tool, DISC, has been used by over 50 million people in corporations all...

To Begin Your Success In Life

by Gary Johnson & Russell Riter

As children we all dream of growing up and becoming someone successful. We are born without fear in the grace of God, and we set forth our discoveries with wonder. Along the journey, we encounter bumps in the...

The Tsunami Diet

by Nathan Johnson

If you are looking for a very simple way to shed some pounds, this is the book for you! It is based on science and it always works! Give it a try!


by Mel Friesen

Adoptive parents share the difficulties, motivations, and blessings of adoption.

Us Awakening¿¿ Our Power ¿As One - A Shared Reality

by Benoit Le Chevallier

Human, I am, like you. I summarize in 9 steps the 9 major steps of my own self acceptance process. I believe that together we all go through an awakening, and that our individual awakenings lead to our awakening...

Girl Power: Unleashing Her Power Within

by Sequoya Willis

In this empowering book of simple truths, you'll discover the REAL YOU! Sequoya brings to your attention the unique power every woman has within herself to arise out of any hurtful situation. The writings of...

The Ultimate Self-Help Book 8 Ways to Better Yourself: How to Live a Better Life

by Kym Kostos

We all have it in our lives. STRESS! Even the word itself stresses me out and makes me want to pull out my hair! Well, not exactly, but a lot of us have to deal with stress on a daily basis. Whether it's at...

Understanding Reiki: From Self Care to Energy Medicine

by Chyna Honey

Understanding Reiki: From Self-Care to Energy Medicine provides information that answers long-standing questions, fills in the blanks where information is lacking, and lends correction where misinformation is...